Guest Artist at the Silver Room's Block Party
Photo by Zbigniew Marczewski.

                                                    A Biography of the Artist

Elizabeth Weber began painting as soon as she was able to get her fingers dirty.  She was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia, and moved to Atlanta at age 16 to study painting and drawing at the Atlanta College of Art.  In the middle of her schooling, the college merged with the Savannah College of Art and Design, pushing her to take time off to pursue a more intensive and unique way of painting.  Living in her studio in Atlanta and painting full time enabled her to build a body of work in the city for the next few years showing her paintings and drawings in numerous locations. She began accepting commissions for oil portraits and other paintings at age 18, and used these resources to perfect her ability to capture each image on canvas exactly as it was envisioned.  This realistic painting-technique was so enjoyable that it began shaping her own style.

In 2006 she moved to Baltimore, Maryland in search of inspiration in a new region and found it on a sailboat.  After days of aimless exploring she found herself at the docks of the Inner Harbor just in time for a 160-foot schooner to cruise into its slip.  The next day she moved aboard and started learning to sail as she trained to be a crew member. As more time was spent on the ship her paintings began to change from whimsical collections of everyday inspirations to reflect gritty images of harbor life, ropes, boats, and water composed in a portrait-esque style  After the sailing season ended, she then moved to Chicago to continue the evolution of her passion.  Chicago introduced Elizabeth to many opportunities, including working as a garden designer, florist, figure model, caregiver, volunteer teacher, Real Estate Broker, and most importantly in 2014 as a mother to her son, Quentin.  Throughout she has continued to utilize her studio daily and build several series of paintings.  Elizabeth Weber has showed her work around the mid-west including gallery exhibits, private collections, retail spaces, as well as assisting in murals,  appearing as a guest artist for conventions and at elementary and preschools, and participating in art festivals.

Artist Elizabeth Weber has developed a wide ranging number of designs in various media to help turn any surrounding from ordinary into extraordinary.  Her hand-crafted art has an inspiring beauty that draws from a variety of influences, including the people in her life, Old World, surrealistic and natural elements, Dreams and imaginations, and her own photography. Elizabeth Weber has lived in Chicago for 9 years and currently works as an Artist Instructor at Pinot's Palette in Logan Square, as the house Artist for Band of Bohemia, a Painter and Real Estate Broker, and a Mother.